The management team bring together expert knowledge, vision, energy, determination and outstanding management success to determining and implementing the business strategies of Oak Valley Truffles.


Managing Director

M    +61 409 295 623

Geoff Barrett is the Managing Director and joint founder of Oak Valley Truffles and founder & Manager Director of Watershed Premium Wines Ltd. Previously he was managing partner of the law firm Garton Smith & Barrett, advising in relation to managed investments in forestry, viticulture, wineries and manufacturing. Prior to practicing law he had over 18 years experience in banking and finance, managing several major banking projects, including the development and introduction of automated teller machines.

Geoff has previously lectured in International Taxation Law, International Business Law and Contract Law and tutored in Corporations Law at Curtin University.


Damon Boorman

General Manager

M    +61 476 056 567

In 2003 Damon commenced truffle dog training and truffle hunting in Manjimup in a part-time capacity. He went on to establish a full-time truffle dog training and hunting business in 2006 which followed an accomplished career as a Dog Training Co-ordinator and Supervisor with the Western Australian Customs detector dog unit. As part of his business, Damon participated in the maintenance of truffle farms throughout the South West of Western Australia and expanded his truffle hunting business to New South Wales and Victoria. To broaden his truffle knowledge Damon and his wife then moved to France in 2010 where they spent the next 7 years.

With an extensive truffle knowledge acquired, Damon has returned to Manjimup and joined Oak Valley in the key role as General Manager. He will apply his extensive truffle and dog training knowledge to ensure that Oak Valley achieves its full yield and quality potential over the coming years.